Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SMILES (^_^)

Today is the submission of the last assignment in KOS1110. we had learn new topic which is 'SMILE'..
For the first time i heard about this topic, it come across my mind, 'what is the content of this topic?.' is it we will learn on types of 'smile'..

IT IS NOT AT ALL ABOUT 'SMILE' which shows your expression..BUT SMILE is stand for ‘Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System’. It is widely used and computationally efficient. It uses atomic symbols, a set of intuitive rules and uses of hydrogen-suppressed molecular graphs(HSMG). Smile do have single, double, triple and aromatic bonds. The branches represented by enclosure in parentheses which can be nested or stacked. For example; CC(O)CC stands for 2-Butanol.
SMILES symbols of string of alphanumeric characters and certain punctuation symbols. The atoms is arrange in aromatic or non-aromatic carbon. SMILES also do have its own structures and charges which then can be restriction. There are isomeric and chiral SMILES.

Here are the outcome of my last assignment on this topic and for this subject;